IR 80815 - Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber (Cast Iron Cleaner) 8" X 6"

You Keep the Flavor, We€™ll Take the Grit

  • Family heirlooms are one of a kind, and your cast iron is probably no exception. We know you've worked long hours to build the seasoning on your cast iron, and we would never take that away from you or your grandma. The Ringer is specially designed to maintain the integrity of your hard work. You don€™t need harsh soap or detergents, which will strip away the generations of seasoning and ultimately damage your cast iron cookware. All you need for post-dinner clean up is a little hot water and the Ringer.

Efficient, Effective and Long Lasting

  • Are you throwing money down the drain buying new sponges every week? You won€™t have to worry about that with the Ringer. This long lasting, durable, chainmail scrubber can be used on everything from tough cast iron to beautiful glassware. High quality, soft chainmail ensures that you won€™t scratch your products, as you scrub off hard to get grit. The Ringer is designed to last as long as your cast iron does.

See For Yourself

  • There€™s no need for elbow grease or magic wands when using this piece of cast iron cleaning magic. Durable stainless steal chainmail, and a little hot water is all you need to get your age old, family cast iron skillet from drab to fab.

Your Kitchen Sink Hero

  • The Ringer isn€™t hand crimped, it€™s machine soldered. This means it€™s stronger, more durable, and more reliable than any other chainmail scrubber. This method creates a strong cast iron cleaner with no points of weakness. Let the Ringer be your kitchen sink hero. There are no chinks in our armor.

Hassle Free and Easy to Clean

  • Your kitchen sponge is as gross as it smells, a true breeding ground for bacteria. The Ringer is easy to store and easy to clean. With a hanging ring in one corner, it€™s never going to get lost under the kitchen sink. This durable, chainmail scrubber is dishwasher safe, which makes for hassle free sanitization while keeping you and your family safe from germs.


  • Dimensions: L: 8in x W: 6in x H: 0.5in
  • Case Quantity: One Unit Per Case
  • Weight: 0.50lb

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