AL 1682 - Hanging Elephant Oil Lamp, 15" Brass

Create an opulent, calming, temple atmosphere in any room with this ornate solid brass Indian style lamp. Though filled with the mysteries of the East, it is not filled with oil, and will not be a fire hazard. Each of these four pendant lamps has a carved flame, so that the lamps burn eternally, without risk. The bright brass is lightly textured so that the light dances across each 'flame'. Four elephants stretch out their trunks to support each pendant lamp gracefully. At the top of this multi-tiered lamp stands a peacock displaying its tail feathers. It stands in the center of the topmost 'oil' lamp, acting as its eternal flame.

The brass is left unfinished, so that it may acquire an antique type finish over time. If that is not wanted, it may easily be polished away.


  • Measurements:

    • 15" tall
    • 9" wide
  • Case Quantity: 15 Units Per Case

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