Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment service arrangement by retailers where rather than have goods in a store where they sell, they simply make the purchase and have the company itself send out these orders to the various customers. This arrangement is one where the retailers do not actually keep an inventory of the goods that they advertise and sell; rather; they obtain the assets straight from the companies to display on their own sites. It is actually one of the best ways to make money online today. It is as easy as advertising a certain product, having a customer place their order and simply passing on that order along with the shipping details to the manufacturer or producer. The producer or manufacturer then sends the shipment out to the customer, and you get to keep a tidy profit for yourself.

If you are wondering about dropshipping and why you should consider going into the business, here are some of the major benefits that can be gotten from being a dropship retailer.


Access to a Wider Range of Products

Dropshipping gives you the freedom to advertise and sell for more than one company brand. This means that rather than having a limited inventory of products to advertise and sell, you can have access to a variety of products. Imagine if as a retailer with an inventory you are able to afford to stock only one brand of products, this would limit your business to attracting only the customers who are loyal to that brand and who will buy it. As a dropshipping retailer, do not have these limitations and as a result of that, you can get to attract a variety of customers who are looking for various products and styles. Having a wide range of products for sale also helps to increase the drive of customers to your store. This is because you are able to offer them a variety of choices to choose from and not limit them to having to pick from just a few options.



Helps You to Reach Your Target Market Quicker

When you are setting up a dropshipping business, it may take just as much time as when you are setting up an inventory business, however, with dropshipping, you do not have to wait for the goods to get to you physically before you can upload them to your e-commerce store. With inventory, there is a waiting period between when you place orders for goods and when the good then shipped to you, this can cause a delay in reaching your target market as you would have to wait until you have received the physical goods before you can put them up for sale. With dropshipping, all of that waiting time is completely eliminated. All you have to do is get the images of the products from the manufacturers and producers, and you are in business. The only wait period that would be experienced is the time of delivery to the customer.


Helps You Test and Explore the Market without Monetary Commitment

When you have an e-commerce store whether it is dropshipping or inventory, you may find that certain customers would from time to time make requests for certain types of goods, it could be certain brands of products or even certain styles of a particular product. You want to please your customers and give them what they want, but you also do not want to have your business tied down because certain goods did not make sales. With inventory, in order to test how these requested products would fare in the market, you would need to place orders and pay for them. This means that if they do not fare well, you would be running at a loss. With dropshipping, you do not need to put in any money in order to test how a product would fare in the market. You simply come to an agreement with the manufacturer about the requested products and you can explore the market for this product all you want. In this case, you get to give your customers what they want and still not make any commitments that could harm your business.


It Does Not Cost You an Arm and a Leg to Start Up

In all that has been discussed about dropshipping, all of these points tend to revolve around the fact that it does not require any form of mountainous investments. As a matter of fact, starting a dropshipping business may cost you absolutely nothing at all. While there may be some form of payments here and there in order to set up fully, it would certainly not require the amount of commitment and investment that would be necessary if you were going to opt for opening an inventory store. Apart from the monetary investment, it also means that you do not have to be bothered with getting a storage space or a warehouse space in order to unload your shipments and you may even need to consider getting an assistant to handle certain physical aspects of the business such as storage, pulling from storage and even packing. That is another investment cost that is eliminated by dropshipping. As mentioned earlier, with dropshipping, all that is required is an e-commerce store and a line of contact with the manufacturers and producers. In fact, the only commitment that you would have to make at all is one of constant advertising, a drop-ship pick and pack fee and finding customers.


It Gives You Less Time between Deliveries and More Time to Make Sales

The fact that in dropshipping is the manufacturer or producer who sends the goods directly to the customer means that as a retailer, you have more time on your hands. With inventory, after you receive goods from the manufacturer, you would need to properly store them and then when an order is made, you would be required to pull them out of storage, pack them up and then ship them out to the customer. All of this takes a lot of time and could even increase the number of days it would take to deliver the product to the customer. With dropshipping, as a retailer, you do not concern yourself with storage, pulling, packaging, and shipping as it is all done by the manufacturer. This means that you have a lot more time on your hands to advertise even more goods and even look into other options as well as improve your strategy on getting more customers. You would have no need to get an assistant in order to have more time.

The business of dropshipping is one that anyone can do really provided you have a good sense of advertising and customer attraction. There are a lot of things that do not come into play with dropshipping, and all of them make it even easier to run and handle this business.

With very little investment, very little cost, a lot of upside to it, dropshipping is a business that should be given a whole lot more consideration. In fact, it is one that you should invest your time in.