SS 22424 - Soapstone Aroma Lamp, Japanese 4"

 This beautiful Soapstones Aroma Lamps/ oil burner (Japanese) is designed to create a special feel and experience for you and your guests. The pleasant aroma and relaxing light send out revitalize your body and mind. It creates a refreshing atmosphere for your family, partner, and guests.

  • Design to spread fragrance and light.
  • Ideal for home/ office table/living room decoration.
  • These Soapstone Oil Burner are precisely designed and developed using premium quality raw materials.
  • Features soapstone construction and a delicate and elegant Japanese design.
  • The Aroma Diffuser throws beautiful gently dancing shadows through the stone lattice across the room and ceiling


  • Case Quantity: 40 Units Per Case
  • Measurements: 4"

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