AL 1844CO - Copper Aluminum Ship Bell with Rope, 6"

This nautical solid aluminum ship bell has a diameter of approximately 6.5" tall and is 6" wide. The classic copper finish aluminum nautical ship bell includes a hand knotted lanyard and a wall bracket for mounting to any surface. This solid cast aluminum ship bell is 100% handmade. This bell is sure to be heard through out your home or office!

  • Approximately 5.75" tall & 5" wide
  • Weight: approx. 1.02 lb
  • Material: solid aluminum
  • Finish: Classic copper finish
  • Construction: handmade
  • Includes: hand braided lanyard


  • Dimensions: L: 6in x W: 7in x H: 6.5in
  • Case Quantity: 16 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 1.02lb

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