BN 109 - Bone Box

This stunning Bone Box is hand-carved and is the perfect place to store your medieval trinkets or valuables. Beautifully decorated with brass trim and ornaments, this box would look nice on any shelf medieval or modern. The inside is entirely lined in brass including the lids bottom surface and rim. With a little velvet inside as a cushion, this would make a nice ring presentation box for a Knight's proposal to his rescued fair maiden...Or for fair maidens that have had their princes turned into toads; with a little stone and some moss, this would make a nice container to keep him safe 'till you become brave enough to give him a kiss.

What Caribbean pirate theme would be complete without a bone box to store your treasures? This storage box is sure to create an impact on your maritime decorations.

  • Designed with expert craftsmanship and care
  • The gorgeous bone box design


  • Dimensions: L: 3in x W: 3in x H: 3.5in
  • Weight: 0.55lb
  • Case Quantity: 48 Units Per Case
  • Measurements: 3.5x3"

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