IR 80649L - Armor Helmet Gladiator w/ Liner & Chin-Strap

This Roman Gladiator Arena Helmet features a leather chin strap for secure fitting and steel spikes. It is made out of 18 gauge steel and highly polished for shine. It is fully wearable and is a one size fit all, approximately fitting up to a 7 7/8 hat size. Comes unlined and an arming cap may be purchased separately. Each helmet is hand-made and may have slight differences in finish and sizing also giving you a one of a kind, unique collector's piece.

Gladiators were well known in the time of the Roman Empire. They were used primarily to entertain and protect the people of Rome. Their weaponry and style made them stand out when they fought. Not only would these helmets look good on display, but they are also great worn in reenactments of those great battles in the arena. We have a selection of helmets made of 18 gauge steel to a mirrored shine that would give you the feeling of what it was like to look and feel like a Gladiator.

  • Made of 18 gauge polished steel
  • Fully wearable with leather chin strap
  • The helmet comes with a cotton liner cap.
  • Great for costumes and collection


  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case
  • Approximate Packing Measurements and Weight: 14" X 12" X 14"
  • Weight: 6 Pounds

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