RW 189 - Wooden Elephant Incense Stick Burner

The traditional incense burner with elephant design. This item is perfect for your home decoration or use it during your meditation. Incense holder in Asian elephant style.

Holds 100% of the ashes 100% of the time. It's both practical and beautiful. Obviously for the true incense gourmet! You don't have to empty it after every stick you burn and ashes won't overflow on to your furniture. But when you do empty it, it's easy because the ashes won't spill out as you carry it. This terrific burner is like a small piece of furniture, made of wood, then stained and buffed to a lovely finish.

  • Material: Wood
  • Very practical perfect for high volume incense users
  • Asian Elephant Style design
  • Handcrafted
  • A perfect gift option for friends and family


  • Measurements: 10.5"
  • Case Quantity: 144 Units Per Case

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