HN 1011 - Viking Drinking Horn with Leather Belt Holder

Enjoy your finest drinks from your horn, which we have sealed and cleaned with water from the Fountain of Fairies.

  • DRINK IN COMFORT! Your horn's engraved brass lip keeps your mouth ready for war cries. Guard your lips against wounds and keep them ready for horn blowing.
  • HANDS-FREE BELT HOLDER! Your horn's belt leather holder takes your horn wherever you go. Free your hands to let you wrestle the bears without spilling your beer.
  • HANDMADE! Individually handcrafted designs passed down through centuries of the Viking's master craftsmen. SIZE and COLOR may vary.
  • LEAK-PROOF! Food-safe lacquer ensures no leaking mead for generations to come.



  • Measurements: 13"
  • Case Quantity: 24 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 0.80lb

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