BRZ 5000 - Venus De Milo

Venus de Milo, ancient statue commonly thought to represent Aphrodite. The Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek statue and one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture. Initially, it was attributed to the sculptor Praxiteles, but from an inscription that was on its plinth, the statue is thought to be the work of Alexandros of Antioch. Created sometime between 130 and 100 BC, the statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty; however, some scholars claim it is the sea-goddess Amphitrite, venerated on Milos. Part of an arm and the original plinth were lost following its discovery. The statue is named after the Greek island of Milos, where it was discovered.

  • Features a solid copper appearance while bringing the feeling of sophistication
  • The Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) statue is among the most famous of ancient Greek sculptures
  • Display this eye-catching piece in your home
  • Very detailed and polished finish make this the perfect centerpiece to your decor scheme


  • Dimensions: H: 14in
  • Weight: 0.38lb
  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case

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