WP 12303 - U.S. Cavalry Sword Replica W/ Scabbard

This fine replica sword is patterned after the U.S. Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber issued prior to the Civil War Measuring 42" overall features a 35" carbon steel blade. The leather-wrapped handle fits the hand perfectly and sports decorative brass accents and a shiny brass pommel will make any Civil War or historical collector supremely satisfied with its authenticity and detail. It has a carbon steel blade. It has a metal scabbard. Handguards and pommel are made of brass.
  • The handle is wire wrapped
  • Sword is made of carbon steel
  • Sword has a brass guard and pommel
  • Sword has a metal scabbard
  • 27" overall
  • This Cavalry Saber Sword is 42" in overall length


  • Dimensions: L: 42in x W: 4.5in x H: 3.75in
  • Weight: 3.80lb
  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case

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