IR 80640A - Trojan Armor Helmet

This unique Trojan Armor Helmet is an accurate ornate based on authentic historical research. An incredible replica made of solid steel. Includes a nose guard as well as extended protection to the cheeks. It also features a black horsehair plume. Fully wearable and functional. A great addition to your collection, a companion to your high-end costume or simply an impressing display piece.

  • Based off of historically authentic designs
  • Has simulated horsehair plume
  • Fully wearable and functional
  • Features a nose guard and cheeks protection
  • Made of solid 18 gauge steel
  • The helmet comes with a cotton liner cap.
  • Great for unique costumes, role-playing, and collection


  • Dimensions: L: 8.25in x W: 10.5in x H: 19.5in
  • Weight: 4.40lb
  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case
  • Approximate Packing Measurements:
    • 14" X 10" X 13"
    • Weights: 7 pounds

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