WP 12337 - Templar Sword

This stunning Templar Sword is a high quality, battle ready sword. This Templar Warrior Sword calls to mind their more military-based actions, by putting a recreated Templar sword into the hands of an enthusiast. As far as medieval appeal goes, this handsome sword does not fall short, featuring all the iconic features of a classic warriors sword, and then some.

  • The blade is made out of carbon steel and features a very solid tang.
  • The hilt is wrapped in genuine black leather and has a brass plated pummel with the red templar insignia and brass crossbar.
  • This blade is shipped dull but the carbon steel can be sharpened on your own.
  • Feels solid and heavy in the hands


  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case
  • Measurements: 38"

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