BR 48540A - Telescope 10.25" and Tripod Pewter Antique Finish Wooden Stand

This beautiful nautical telescope measures 9" in length and has a wooden tripod stand. It is made from quality brass with a pewter finish. The lens cover is attached with a chain. Very attractive telescope.

  • Measurements: tube length: 225mm
  • Power: 8x eye: 12mm obj: 25mm legs: 12"
  • Sturdy functional telescope
  • Authentic antique pewter finish
  • Tripod mount


  • Dimensions: L: 9.5in x W: 6.5in x H: 15.75in
  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 1.30lb
  • Measurements: Tube Length: 225mm
  • Power: 8x eye: 12mm obj: 25mm Legs: 12"
    • 10.25"L 9.25" retracted

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