BR 4837B - Tangent Survey Compass 10"

This Tangent Survey Compass measures approximately 10 inches is a solid brass reproduction of an antique sailing ship cabin compass. The compass sits on a solid wooden base and is housed in between a circular wooden sphere. The gimbal ring design allows the compass to remain level regardless of the angle of the base. The base is wood so it can rest sturdily on any desk. This solid brass compass is beautifully detailed and polished to a spectacular finish.

  • Polished brass housing for compass
  • Remains level for accurate readings
  • Solid hardwood base rests firmly on a desk, table, or shelf without tipping even at sea
  • Attractive and easily readable


  • Dimensions: L: 9in x W: 4.75in x H: 8in
  • Weight: 1.55lb
  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case

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