WP 13001 - Steel Spear Head

This is an excellent reproduction of a spear point style used from Roman times through medieval times. The earliest points of this style would have been most likely in bronze. This rendition is in steel for better durability. The base of the point is hollow to allow for the insertion of a wooden shaft of the desired length. The print itself measures 8" from base to tip. Item Specification Style of Spearpoint Used From Roman Through Medieval Times Crafted in Steel for Better Durability Hollow Base for Insertion of The Spear Shaft Total Length is Eight" Made From Steel

  • Style of spearpoint used from roman through medieval times
  • Crafted in steel for better durability
  • Hollow base for insertion of the spear shaft
  • Total length is 8"
  • Material: Steel
  • Case Quantity: 24 Units Per Case

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