Steel Armor Shoes

The Medieval Renaissance-era Maximillian armor was typically designed with fluting and decorative etching as opposed to the planer finish on the 15th-century white armor. This medieval renaissance era also saw the use of closed helm, as opposed to the 15th-century style sallets and barbutes. A full suit of plate armor from this era would have consisted of a helmet, a gorget, pauldrons, counters, vambraces, gauntlets, cuirass, tassets, mail skirt, cuisses, poleyns, greaves and steel armor shoes or sabatons. A sabaton or solleret is part of a Knights armor that covers the foot. 15th-century sabatons typically end in a tapered point well past the actual toes of the wearer's foot. Sabatons of the first half of the 16th-century end at the tip of the toe and maybe wider than the actual foot. A word of caution to anyone who wishes to wear this costume to a costume party, be aware of the feet of the other guests or you may inadvertently hit them with your pointy shoes.

  • Heavy Duty Metal Shoes
  • Incredibly Detailed Appearance
  • An Impressive Addition to your Medieval or Armor Collection
  • Quality Construction
  • Sized For Adults


  • Dimensions: L: 16in x W: 6in x H: 5in
  • Weight: 3.04lbs
  • Case Quantity: 6 Sets (of 2) Per Case

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