BR 15341 - Solid Brass Bankers Lamp 20"

A high quality 20" Solid Brass Bankers Lamp with adjustable green glass shade and drawstring. Add a touch of retro and nostalgic feeling with this lamp€™s traditional bankers€™ style design that brings a classic mid-century look to your interior furnishings. The beautiful smooth surface of the green glass lampshade has been thickened and polished so it will resist discoloration. The lampshade can rotate 350 degrees, giving this lamp a more flexible and re-adjustable lighting direction. The attached aged metal beaded pull cord switch magnifies the decorative effect while still being functional.

  • Made from high quality solid brass
  • Adjustable green glass shade and Drawstring
  • Fully functional
  • Can rotate 350 degrees


  • Measurements: 26" adjustable
  • Dimensions: L: 6.15in x H: 26in
  • Weight: 6.15lb
  • Case Quantity: 4 Units Per Case

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