BR 16242 - Solid Brass Aladdin Lamp Engraved (10060)

This is a Unique and exquisite piece of brass Aladdin Lamp bearing beautiful Engraving on it. It is a serves as Royal home decor and perfect gift item for those you love. A wonderful brass collectible.One of a kind. Surely a rare home decor handicraft from India, the land of diversity.

Measurements: 4.5"

Method to light this oil lamp:

  • Place a cotton wick in the oil lamp
  • Put some Oil or clarified butter/butter oil(called desi ghee in Hindi)
  • Use a matchstick to light the tip of the wick with the remaining was inserted in oil/
  • Wait till you see a marvelous sight of the oil lamp lighting brightly spreading


  • Dimensions: L: 0.9in x W: 2.75in x H: 3in
  • Made from 100% solid brass
  • Been beautifully created and precision made
  • Designed in a traditional international style
  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 2.75lb

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