SS 22426 - Soapstone Oil Burner, Japanese

This Soapstone Oil Burner is solidly constructed and features an exquisite Japanese design that is precise in every detail.

This Soapstone Oil Burner, Japanese is functional, elegant and beautiful. It is hand-carved from solid soapstone and is precise in every detail. A soapstone aroma lamp with assorted carvings is handcrafted by artisans and made to spread fragrance - also a perfect decor item. It throws beautiful gently dancing shadows through the stone lattice across the room and ceiling. Give your home a nice fragrance with this ceramic essential oil burner. Place a few drops of oil on the top of the burner with a few drops of water. Light a tea light candle underneath and allow sweet aromas to diffuse around you.

  • Sturdy, solid soapstone
  • Exquisitely detailed Japanese design
  • Handcrafted aroma lamp


  • Measurements: 4"
  • Case Quantity: 40 Units Per Case

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