BR 4850 - Sextant, 4" with Wooden Case

This is a beautifully made reproduction of a 4-inch radius British Lifeboat Sextant. Each sextant is expertly crafted from solid brass. The sextant has an accurately divided German Silver scale, and a slow-motion control for making small adjustments to the index arm. A powerful magnifier can be swung into position to assist in reading the vernier scale. The telescope has polished glass lenses and produces a sharp magnified image. The mirror mounts are adjustable, and the index mirror has three recessed adjustments. The sextant features four swing arm tinted glass filters. On the back of the sextant is a turned hardwood handle. While this sextant is fully functional with properly aligned optics, it has not been calibrated and is not intended for navigation. They are perfect for the collector or nautical enthusiast interested in learning celestial navigation.

  • Beautiful Brass Finish
  • A Unique Addition to your Maritime or Nautical Collection
  • Will look great in your home or office
  • Comes in an attractive wooden box with brass accents
  • Display Piece with Functioning Parts


  • Dimensions: L: 4.25in x W: 4.38in x H: 2.88in
  • Case Quantity: 8 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 0.95lb
  • Measurements: 4.125"

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