IR 80701 - Roman Shield

The Legionnaire's Battle Shield was an indispensable component of the warriors of the Roman Empire. They often weighed as much as 20 lbs and were carried on their person during long forced marches that could exceed 20 miles per day. Combined with their banded armor and other weapons the Legionnaire was expected to carry over 70 lbs of weaponry and armor.

This all-metal, hand-painted shield is a stunning replica of the original. Slightly smaller in size at 36 x 20, this shield is good for costumes, role-playing, plays, or just for fun. It has a solid wooden handle on the back to hold the shield.

  • Made of 18-gauge Steel
  • Hand Painted
  • Comes with Solid Metal Boss
  • Size: 36" x 20"
  • Weight:13.5lbs


  • Case Quantity: One Unit Per Case
  • Measurements: 36"
  • Approximate Packing Measurements and Weight:
    • 37" X 23" X 7"
    • 19 Pounds

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