IR 80612A - Roman Helmet Centurion

This Roman Gallic Centurion Helmet features impressive workmanship and historical accuracy. The plume holder is tied down on each end of the helmet and held up by a "fork" to give stability. It has a full plume of red simulated horsehair and also has a leather chin strap for support. You can add an arming cap or your own padding for additional support.

Made from 18-gauge high carbon mild steel, our replica of the Roman Centurion Helmet is exquisite. This is a helmet you can use for reenactment or simply place it on display to be admired by all.

  • Made of 18 Gauge Steel and Features Brass Accents
  • Modeled After the Imperial Helmet of Ancient Rome
  • Great for costumes, role-playing, and display
  • Also a Great Display Piece and Collectible


  • Measurements: 18"
  • Dimensions: L: 10.25in x W: 13.25in x H: 17in
  • Case Quantity: 4 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 5.05lb

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