IR 80616A - Roman Centurion Gallic Red Plume

This Roman Centurion Helmet with Gallic Red Plume features impressive workmanship and historical accuracy. The plume holder is tied down on each end of the helmet and held up by an "fork" to give stability. It has a full plume of red simulated horse hair which goes transverse across the helmet ear to ear, and also has a leather chin strap for support. It is made of 18 gauge steel, has brass accents throughout and hand-finished. You can add an arming cap or your own padding for additional support. The interior circumference of this helmet is large around 26", so most people will need padding inside for a more snug fit. This helm is ideal for display, costumes, and role-playing.

  • Made of 18 Gauge Steel and Features Brass Accents
  • Has simulated red plume that runs transverse across the helmet
  • Great for costumes, role-playing, and display


  • Measurements: 18"
  • Dimensions: L: 10.25in x W: 13.25in x H: 17in
  • Weight: 5.05lb
  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case

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