IR 80612B - Roman Centurion Galic Red Plume + Lorica Segmentata Armor

High Quality Museum Hand made replica at Lowest Price, Medieval, Collectables, Antique, Halloween Dress Muscle Fancy Fancy Lorica Segmentata Good Quality 18" Gauge Iron Steel and Brass Chest size 44" Lorica is adjustable up to 52" 18 Guage Iron Steel & 20 Guage Brass + With Full Size Wearable Roman Officer Centurion Helmet with Red Plum All these are hand made and are coated with oil/greese/laquered. The Medieval Lorica Ssegmentata Re-enactment contains of broad MS iron or MS steel strips ('girth hoops') which all fastened to internal leather straps. All the strips are arranged horizontally on the body, overlapping downwards, and they surrounded the torso in two halves, being fastened at the front and back. The shoulders and the upper body protected by additional strips ('shoulder guards') and breast and back plates.

  • Lorica Segmentata good quality 18" gauge iron steel and brass
  • Chest size 44" Lorica is adjustable up to 52"
  • Roman helmet made of 18 Gauge solid steel adult size & wearable
  • Red plume

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