SH 23351X - Pirate Box Iron Inlaid

Keep your treasure safe and protected from raiders with a beautiful antique chest. This pirate chest is handcrafted with iron inlaid to keep the secrets of the world hidden safe. Antique wood is used throughout with iron handles and inlaid iron bracing for over the top. Iron clasp in front is useful for locking for further protection of your documents and jewels. Attractive enough to display in the family room or at the end of the hallway, yet durable enough to keep items safe, or even to bury in the back yard. Enjoy it for its looks and enjoy it for the treasures you hold safe inside.
Item Specifications:
  • Sturdy pirate box
  • Artisan crafted and stylish
  • Inlaid with iron
  • Dimensions: L: 12in x W: 6in x H: 4.5in
  • Weight: 2.45lb
  • Case Quantity: 10 Units Per Case

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