IR 15321 - Ornate Candle Lantern Antique/ Glass, Round

This ornate candle lantern is crafted of iron and pressed glass. The metal frame is iron, with an antique colored finish. Each of the six side panels is pressed with a pattern, but not frosted or colored in any other way.
Two panels together swing open on a hinge, allowing you to place a light source inside. Standard tea candles or small oil lamps are a good fit, as are various small battery-powered lights.
Cutouts along the top of the lantern will allow for ventilation and will cast star-shaped lights on the ceiling above.

  • Authentic candle lantern
  • Artisan crafted for intricate detail
  • Sturdy and fully usable


  • Case Quantity: 30 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 1.50lb

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