IR 80427 - Norman Nasal Helmet w/ Chainmail

This Deluxe Norman Nasal Helmet is truly a great reproduction. It features brass reinforced plating and etched designs on the front of the nose guard, as well as a butted chainmail skirt on the sides and back of the helmet for added protection. It is made out of 18 gauge steel and is hand-finished. It comes unlined and is a one size fit most, up to size L.

  • Constructed out of 18 gauge steel with brass plating
  • Features design etching and a chainmail skirt
  • Great for collection, costumes, and role-playing


  • Measurements:
    • 10" tall, nose guard included
    • 7.5" tall, nose guard excluded
    • 8" wide
    • 8.75" deep
    • 13" long chainmail
  • Dimensions: L: 8in x W: 9.5in x H: 21in
  • Weight: 4.30lb
  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case

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