IR 80429 - Nasal Helmet with Ear Guards

This Norman Nasal Helm is a classic helmet that was worn throughout Europe. It features hinged ear guards which is unique to this helmet, and solid reinforced steel plating. It is fully wearable and comes unlined. You can add your own padding to customize the fit or purchase our arming cap. It is a one size fit most, but will accommodate most head sizes up to L.


  • Made out of 18 gauge steel and hand finished
  • Fully wearable; comes unlined
  • Great for costumes, collection, and role-playing


  • Measurements:
    • 13" tall, nose & ear guards included
    • 7.5" tall,nose & ear guards excluded
    • 8" wide
    • 8.75" deep
  • Dimensions: L: 8.25in x W: 10in x H: 13.5in
    Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case
    Weight: 2.85lb

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