MR 48105 - Magnifying Glass 3" with Wooden Handle

This item is a convenient and practical magnifier with wooden handle, which is extensively used for reading, circuits, jewelry evaluating, and etc. It shows high definition visual effects with a top quality lens. With it, you can conquer anything small you see unclearly at ordinary times.


  • Genuine Crystal Glass Lens - This 10X handheld magnifier brings crystal clear image and distortion free magnification, always provides you sharp and clean image.
  • Quintessential accessory - With this reading magnifying glass everything will be presented through a super clear glass making everyday life much easier. Stop the squinting and struggling and purchase yours now!
  • Elegant and Graceful - This white Handle Magnifier comes with a good grip and shape handle and round steel frame, which feels like a coherent entity. The antique design sending out slight retro taste always make you be a pleasure with it.
  • Ideal for reading, crossword puzzle game, close observation for items like jewelry, hallmarks, stamps, coins, rocks, gem collection and insects, and great to timepieces repair and miniature engraving.
  • Dimensions: L: 7.88in x W: 3in x H: 0.88in
  • Case Quantity: 60 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 0.35lb
  • Measurements: 7.875 " x 3"

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