VA 39198 - SET of 3 - MF. - Iron Terracotta Floor Vase Set of 3 Red Ombre with Decorative Glass Mosaic Overlay

This stunning vases of beautiful handmade iron and glass mosaic floor vase is an improved version of the ancient amphora shaped vase. They are a set of beautiful and sturdy vases, so they are not easily knocked over by pets and kids. Our vases are intricately hand-crafted by artisans in India, composed of metal and featuring _ pattern glass mosaic with a transitional style "Ombre" pattern decorating the surface. The mosaic glass tiles range gradually ascend the surface, beginning with a rich brown, transitioning to caramel and finishing to shimmering gold. The neck and lip are decorated with this color theme in a square mosaic with coordinating colors. Sparkling glass mosaic tiles grace the exterior of these amphora shaped vases that provide the ultimate collector decor in your home, office or commercial decorating project. Combining the ancient arts of metallurgy and pottery creation, artists hand-mold each aluminum vase. Each vase is finished using diamond-patterned mosaic glass tessellation, producing stunning visuals that begin to transform your space into an in-home gallery. The artistic look and durable construction are just a few of the features you'll love. A sufficient opening in a 4" lip leave plenty of room for decorative items; reeds, greenery, floral arrangements and more. However, make no mistake, make a statement all on their own!

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