IR 80811A - Iron Chain Mail Hood

This Iron Chain Mail Hood is made with battle-ready 4 in 1 Interlocking steel rings that are linked together for the strongest sword-proof armor coif. Each steel ring is 10mm in diameter of 8 AWG carbon-infused stainless steel alloy. Each ring is forged by authentic metalsmiths to produce this genuine Medieval Armor Coif. The pattern of links effectively doubles the steel Gauge armor capacity. It covers the head (top and back), the neck, and the upper chest area. Chain mail armor is a highly valued piece of armor. It was very expensive in medieval Europe because of its rarity and production expense. However, many battle commanders, nobility, and wealthier soldiers were willing to acquire chain mail armor to increase their survivability. It protects the body from swords, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, while still providing full and equal coverage. This chain mail coif is genuine armor that can be worn for the purpose of protection.

  • Overall Length: 18.75 Inches, Face Opening: 9 Inches
  • Bottom Span: 19 Inches, Construction: Stainless Steel Alloy, Chain Link Rings
  • Chain Link Diameter: 10 mm, Chain Link Ring Thickness: 8 AWG
  • Chain Link Pattern: 4 in 1 Interlocking
  • Fitment: Adult Sizes

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