IR 14161 - Picnic Caddy & Planter Set, Galvanized Pots with tray St/4

When it comes to setting your rustic tables, you need something that is going to stand out as vintage. Having any modern table setting will not do if you want to truly bring across the old fashioned vibe that you are going for. With the Galvanized Steel Picnic Planter and Caddy Set, you can set any table you wish at any rustic wedding or outdoor gathering with great ease and simplicity of design. 

The Galvanized Steel Picnic Planter and Caddy Set can be used to house all of your most important table settings. It comes with three different pails as well as a caddy that has two handles. You can use the caddy for the unique storage of the pails on the table or use it as a way to transport the pails to their final destination. These pails can hold inside of them silverware, napkins, straws, condiments and so much more in a unique and vintage manner that goes naturally with the rest of your outdoor or farmhouse decor. 

Each piece of the Galvanized Steel Picnic Planter and Caddy four-piece set is crafted out of galvanized steel. This steel not only affords it a rustic appeal, but it offers it better resistance to the weather. Because of this, you can use the Galvanized Steel Picnic Planter and Caddy Set not only as unique table settings but as a set of beautifully rustic planters as well. With the Galvanized Steel Picnic Planter and Caddy Set, you will also get an entire sheet of labels as well as a chalk marker. This makes it ideal for labeling what plant is in what location or what table number the planters are sitting at.

  • ► RUSTIC TABLE SETTING OR PLANTERS Use this set as an outdoor table setting or a table setting in a vintage kitchen. You can also fill them with plants for a classic looking garden
  • ► COMPLETE SET OF FOUR This set comes with three pails and a matching caddy for storage or for transportation
  • ► GALVANIZED STEEL CONSTRUCTION Made with durable galvanized steel, this set is sure to outlast the weather
  • ► GREAT FOR WEDDINGS Use these as unique napkin and utensil holders at rustic outdoor weddings
  • ► FREE LABELS AND CHALK GIFT With this set you get an entire sheet of chalkboard labels and a chalk marker to write on them with.


  • Case Quantity: 12 pc (Set/3) 
  • Weight: 1.75lb
  • Measurements:
    • Height x Diameter (top) x Diameter (Bottom)
    • Pots ----- 5.25"  x  4.5"  x  3.75"   
    • Tray ----- 15" Length  x  4" Width x  2"  Height 
    • Weight ----- Whole Set - 1.75 LB
    • Packing Dimension --   17" x 6" x 5"   ( 2.25 LB)


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