IR 80689 - Greek Corinthian Helmet With Plume

This is a finely crafted steel Greek Corinthian helmet, complete with a spectacular full length horsehair plume gracing the top. This style was worn by warriors in ancient Greece on the battlefront. It is no wonder that the Corinthian helmet is depicted in more Greek and Roman sculpture than any other type helmet, a romantic symbol of glory and the past. Perfect for religious pageants and theatrical productions.

  • Finely crafted of 18G Metal
  • Features horse hair plume
  • Fully wearable
  • Great for costumes and reenactments


  • Dimensions: L: 8in x W: 11.5in x H: 16.5in
  • Case Quantity: 6 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 4.15lb
  • Approximate Packing Measurements
    • 14" X 13" X 11"
    • Weight: 6 Pounds

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