BR 4093A - Gold Scale Set, Wooden Box (10g)

This lovely portable brass scale can be disassembled and stored within the box that serves as its base. This piece comes complete with weights. Providing an attractive and unique 10 gram of gold scale. Offered set of weighing instrument is available in wooden box with velvet line the scales cast in solid brass. This unique display piece is not meant to be used as an accurate measurement of weight, but as a stunning decor item.

  • Material: Wood & Brass
  • Blue velvet box lining inside and out
  • Solid brass scale
  • Comes complete with weights
  • Display Item - Not Meant for Accurate Measurements
  • Great Collector's Piece


  • Measurements are for the closed box
  • Dimensions: L: 6.75in x W: 3.75in x H: 1.25in
  • Weight: 0.65lb
  • Case Quantity: 60 Units Per Case

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