IR 8082J - Gauntlet Pair with Brass Mixed

This Medieval Gauntlet pair with brass provided maximum protection for knights and foot soldiers alike. This pair of medieval gauntlets is fit for a powerful medieval warrior. During battle, the hands and wrist were particularly vulnerable to weapons blows. The medieval gauntlet first came into being around the 14th century A.D. and was armor of choice of hand protection. Its multi-plated design allowed for extreme flexibility and made it easy to grip just as firm as a hand without armor. This piece is fully wearable and has many points of articulation. This pair is made of 18-gauge mild steel and is made to fit glove sizes up to XL.

Thease gauntlets feature attractive brass accents and are 17" in length.

  • Fully Wearable or for display
  • Made to fit glove sizes up to XL


  • Measurements: 17"
  • Dimensions: L: 16in x W: 6in x H: 6in
  • Weight: 4.25lb
  • Case Quantity: 6 Sets (of 2) Per Case

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