WP 13120 - Flail / Mace

The term Flail refers to two different weapons: a long, two-handed infantry weapon with a cylindrical head, and a shorter weapon with a round metal striking head. The defining characteristic of both is that they involve a separate striking head attached to a handle by a flexible rope, strap, or chain. The chief tactical virtue of the flail was its capacity to strike around a defender's shield or parry. Its chief liability was a lack of precision and the difficulty of using it in close combat or closely ranked formations.

  • Handcrafted And Hand tooled
  • Made from Heavy Duty Steel
  • Can be Used for Variety of Purposes
  • Can be used as home decor
  • Medieval Reproduction


  • Measurements: 42"
  • Dimensions: L: 37in x W: 8in x H: 8in
  • Case Quantity: 8 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 1.45lb

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