IR 80704L - Faux Leather Mounted Muscle Armor

This item consists of an iron armor cuirass with a faux-leather layer applied to it for decoration. In this particular shipment, the outer leather was not adhered properly, and is bubbling or otherwise damaged in many places. The metal armor beneath is still in good condition, but the issues with the faux-leather covering means these don't meet our quality standards. Perhaps you have a use for them? With a bit of work, that outer layer could be stripped off, allowing the base armor to be painted or polished as you wish. With some care it may be possible to smooth out these blemishes and improve the look of the item vastly, though we can't say how viable this suggestion is. This item is sold on a purely as-is basis.

Item Specification

    • Faux Leather Armour Costume
    • High Quality Muscle Armour Black Faux Leather
    • Perfect for any Re-enactment, Theatrical, or Costume Use
    • Dimensions: L: 16in x W: 15in x H: 21in
    • Case Quantity: One Unit Per Case
    • Weight: 9.15lb

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