IR 80736A - Faux Leather, Bracers - Hand Guard Set

For prime protection, the Faux Leather Bracers Hand Guards set is the preferred choice. Handcrafted from sturdy leather, these pieces measure 11" in length and include adjustable laces on the underside. They are also accented nicely with metal studs and come fully wearable and suitable for costumes and re-enactments.

  • Based on historically authentic design
  • Handcrafted from sturdy leather with metal studs
  • Fully wearable with adjustable laces


  • Measurements: 11"
  • Dimensions: L: 11.25in x W: 0.1in x H: 10.25in
  • Weight: 0.65lb
  • Case Quantity: 50 Sets (of 2) Per Case
  • Approximate Packing Measurements:
    • Length: 12" X 9" X 9"
    • Weight: 2 Pounds

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