WP 12327 - Falcuta

This amazing Falcuta sword was a classic design of ancient Greece. At 26" in length, this sword was easy to wield and great for short stabbing motions. This sword features a solid brass handle with a horse head design. The solidly constructed hand-forged blade is made out of carbon steel and features contour blood groove lines and ships blunt, but the nature of the steel allows it to be sharpened. Each sword is uniquely hand-made so you're truly getting a one of a kind collector's piece.

  • Measures 26" inches in total length
  • Blade is made out of carbon steel
  • Features a brass horse head handle


  • Dimensions: L: 23in x W: 3in x H: 0.5in
  • Weight: 3.05lb
  • Case Quantity: 10 Units Per Case
  • Measurements: 25.5"

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