WP 12334 - Dancing Belly Sword - Chromed Scimitar

This Dancing Belly Sword - Chromed Scimitar type sword is truly a fearsome weapon. It features a unique chrome blade that will not rust and is easy to maintain over the long run. It also has a high shine and glossy quality to it. This sword features a solid brass handle with a wooden grip. The sword is unsharpened and cannot be sharpened due to the chrome blade. Each sword is uniquely hand-made so you're truly getting a one of a kind collector's piece. The scabbard is not included.

  • Measures 36" in total length
  • The blade is made out of chrome and is highly reflective
  • Has a wooden handle and brass guard and pommel
  • No scabbard include


  • Dimensions: L: 36in x W: 11in x H: 1in
  • Weight: 3.20lb
  • Case Quantity: 12 Units Per Case

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