BR 48201D - Compass Key Chain (5381)

This solid brass directional compass keychain is both beautiful and functional. Featuring a nautical marine directional compass which easily fits into your pocket. This key chain will help you find your way wherever you are. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or using it for marine purposes. While not intended to be used as a life saving or primary instrument of direction, this is a functional pocket compass which may come in handy someday! Made from solid brass, the beautiful keychain will impress and last for years to come. Directional compass features a red-tipped needle which points to magnetic north, and the face of the compass not only has all cardinal directions, it also has 0 -360 degrees.

  • Not intended to be used as a primary method of finding direction;
  • Great compass to keep in your pocket for nautical marine use, or for hiking
  • Made from solid brass, this pocket compass key chain is both beautiful and functional
  • A fully functional nautical marine directional pocket compass keychain


  • Measurements: 1.5"
  • Case Quantity: 50 Units Per Case

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