WN 112 - Cobra Wooden Stand 6"

We offer a unique wooden stand to hold your shell or smudge bowl while burning herbs. Called a €˜Cobra Stand€™, the three pieces spread out to form a sturdy base. Place your Abalone or Scallop Shell on it. Add your favorite smudge stick or loose sage and light. The Wooden Cobra Stand measures 6€³ long when it is folded. When you open it, it stands 4€³ high.

  • Can be used to display objects
  • This is a nice wood tripod stand
  • Made from solid wood
  • Hand-tooled Handcrafted


  • Dimensions: L: 7in x W: 7in x H: 5in
  • Case Quantity: 240 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 0.20lb
  • Measurements: 6"

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