SH 15839 - Carved Wooden Screen, Honey Comb Burn Antique, 4 panel

A beautiful Honey Comb Burn Antique 4-panel hand carved wood screen/room divider. This screen is embellished with an intricate floral, leaf and berry design and created in East India c.1940s. The carving on this screen is stunning and we can't imagine the number of hours it took to create. We believe the wood to be teak with a chocolate brown. We think this is a beautiful screen but could also see it used as a headboard as a finishing touch to a Boho Chic bedroom.

  • Bring home this decorative wide size privacy screens to bring completeness to existing decor
  • Flexible to use with the 4 panels provided, it can be used to provide aesthetic partitions to your larger spaces and can be used in bedroom and dressing room as well


  • Measurements: 72"
  • Case Quantity: One Unit Per Case

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