BR 2201X - Candle Snuffer Wooden Handle

Candle snuffers prevents wick smoldering and lengthen the life of candle. Good for tiki torches, scented candles, tumbler and pillar candles and more other big and small candles or wick. You can hold the candle snuffers just above the candle flame to snuff it out, the wide rotating head is easy to reach candles from multiple angle, safer than blowing. Candle snuffer made of solid brass with wooden handle with an attractive polished,corrosion resistant for long life and durability,great extinguish candle wick tools.

  • Safely puts out candle flame
  • Solid brass candle snuffers with wooden handles
  • Prevents wick smoldering and lengthen the life of candle


  • Measurements: Length: 12 inches
  • Case Quantity: 240 Units Per Case

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