BR 22641 - Candle Holder Flat, Mother of Pearl

This Candle Holder Mother of pearl is one of the natures most interesting and beautiful pieces of natural beauty, and this candle holder is full of it. This candle holder is made of brass and features a mother of pearl all along the base the tops and even on the pillar portion on the holder.

  • Add a sense of true elegance to your decor with this mother-of-pearl inlaid brass candle holder.
  • Beautiful mother-of-pearl accents
  • Sturdy brass construction


  • 3.55" base diameter
  • 1.75" top diameter
  • 3.5" tall


  • Dimensions: L: 3.55in x W: 3.55in x H: 3.5in
  • Case Quantity: 60 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 0.50lb

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