BR 1695 - Brass Incense Oil Ring

This Handtooled Handcrafted Brass Incense Oil Ring shapped like a ring and set directly onto a standard light bulb. They have a grooved lip that goes all the way around them. This lip holds essential oil. The heat from a light bulb heats the essential oil in the lamp ring, and the oil is then gently diffused into the room. This method can be used anywhere and is quickly transportable Incense Oil Ring. This is an ideal method to use in public when you can't diffuse essential oils throughout the room or space.

  • Material: Brass
  • Handcrafted by Artisan


  • Dimensions: L: 1.2in x W: 4in x H: 4.75in
  • Case Quantity: 300 Units Per Case
  • Weight: 11.50lb
  • Measurements: 2.75"

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