BR 482120 - Bosun Whistle 3", Brass Copper

This beautifully detailed solid brass and copper Bosun Whistle comes from a quality solid brass. The whistle has a traditional anchor design inlaid in copper on both sides.

Historically recreated, these brass keyrings are played by blowing into the narrow tube, or gun, while using the hole atop the bouy to alter the sound. Combine low and high notes with plain, warbled, and trilled sounds to issue a multitude or orders, and be heard above the ocean€™s roar with the whistle€™s crisp, clean tone. Fall in love with the timeless wonder of the open sea, discovering new horizons and new lands, and with one of these fabulous brass keyrings become a true sailor.

  • Solid brass and copper no plastic parts
  • Traditional design of a bosun's pipe
  • Fully functional actually works


  • Measurements: 3"
  • Case Quantity: 24 Units Per Case

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