IR 80527C - Armor Helmet (300) With Chrome Finish

A masterfully built piece helmet armor for any enthusiast of the ancient history. Inspired by the armor helmets worn by the Spartan army in the battle of 300, this piece of armor is hammered and shapped with a metal alloy with a polished chrome finish, for every detailed section of the peice. Alloy plating covers the top and sides of the face, leaving the generals mouth exposed to shout his orders. It is made out of 18 gauge steel and has a chrome finish. One size only, approximately a 24" inner diameter fitting up to a size L. Comes unlined but is fully wearble. You may purchase an arming cap separately or put in your own padding for a custom snug fit. This helmet is great for costumes, collection for display, and role-playing events.

  • Made out of 18 gauge polished steel with a chrome finish
  • Fully wearable up to size L; comes unlined
  • Great for costumes, collection for display, and role-playing events


  • Measurements:
    • 12.25" tall (front)
    • 8" tall (back)
    • 8.25" wide 11" long
  • Dimensions: L: 11in x H: 12.25in
  • Weight: 4.25lb
  • Case Quantity: 4 Units Per Case

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